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Getting Started with Edu Expression Elite

After the successful installation, comes the quick setup and configuration of the Exam Engine.


Setting Up the White Label Settings with Logo and Favicon

  1. Click on Admin -> Configuration -> Organization Logo.
  2. Upload the Logo and Favicon.
  3. Hit Save and its Done.


Site and Admin Setup

Click on Admin -> Configuration -> General Settings.


01. Site Name 

Name of the Website is used in Title Page and Email Headers.


02. Organization Name 

Name of the Institute or Company or the Legal name other than the website title.


03.  Domain Name  

URL of your website, important for internal system for the linking the assets and other elements of the software.


04. Organization Email 

Primary Email for all important alerts and notifications.


05. Meta Title, Meta Keyword, Meta Content. 

Important for SEO and Ranking on Search Engine.


06. Time Zone 

Very important for scheduling Exams and Result. Use your local time zone to avoid time related errors and issues during exam.


07. Currency.

Your currency for Paid Exams. Some payment gateways are Currency specific.


08. Header Contact | Email Contact | Powered By Text and Links 

White label settings to brand your installation.  The front end theme has header where you can put your primary contact, email for quick connect.

Footer Settings with Powered By Text and Links



09. Display Records per Page | Max Records Per Page 

Number of Records in all pages including Exam List, Student List, Questions, Subjects  etc. Its important to balance stress on server as well.


10. Date Format  

Chose how dates and time are displayed on your website. The format Exam is included.


11. Captcha Engine 

Chose where spam detection engine will ask for Image or Text based riddle to solve to prove human visit on the website.


12. Text Direction 

Some languages are written Right to Left like Arabic etc. Useful in choosing Text Direction.


13. Language 

Core translation of entire website. You can translate the Website language here.


14. SMS Notification 

If you want to send SMS notifications on various events including New Exam, Result Publication, Verification of Phone numbers etc. *SMS Gateway is required. 


15. Email Notification. 

Enable or disable the email notification for various events including New Exam, New Enrollment etc.


16. Manual Verification 

Enable or disable manual verification of student registration. If disable the student will automatically approve on Signup.


17. Front End Registration. 

Enable or disable the front end registration for student. Some organization prefer to enroll student from Admin using manual registration or bulk registration using CSV / Excel format.


18. Front End Slides. 

We can enable and disable the slider on front end website.


19. Google Translation. 

Enable or disable browser-based translation.


20. Exam Feedback. 

Enable or disable feedback form after every exam.


21. Leaderboard. 

Enable or disable the leaderboard module at the front end where top students are listed in leaderboard format.


22. Math Editor 

We use 3rd party plugin MathJax for Math and Scientific equations usage inside question bank. You can enable disable the plugin using these settings.


23. Tolerance Count. 

Edu Expression has built in features to prevent Tab Switching, Tab Minimizing during the Exam or in the Exam window. You can control the count after which the Exams get terminated. For Example, if Student is switching the Tabs or Minimizing the Exam windows set number of time, this behavior will get logged and the exam for that student gets terminated.


24. Show Free package in the Front End. 

Edu Expression Elite offers package-based Exam. Each package can be paid or free. If you don’t want to show the free package at  Package purchase page, you can disable this feature.


25. Certificate. 

Each exam generate certificate to students automatically after results. Student can access their certificates from Student Dashboard – My Results – Certificate icon. You can enable disable the certificate generation here.


26. Testimonials , Advertisement, Number of Visitors, Number of Exams, Number of Students Modules.  

You can control these stats modules and internal ads banners using these settings.