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Installation Guide

Edu Expression platform offers very easy to follow 5 step installation process. After obtaining the zip file, please follow the steps below.


System Requirement 

  1. PHP 5x or above
  2. MYSQL 4x or above
  3. mod_rewrite
  4. Linux and Cpanel


Step 1. 

  1. Upload the files to the directory of your web server.
  2. Unzip the file and you are good to go.
  3. Now access the directory where you have uploaded the package. If you uploaded in your Root directory the URL will be or if you chose to upload it on sub directory it should be


Step 2. 

  1. This screen will check the system requirement and server variables supported for installation.
  2. If everything is fine, click on Let’s Start Button to begin the installation.


Step 3. 

  1. Accept the legal agreement and license terms to move to next step of the installation.



Step 4.

  1. Fill the Host Name. Its localhost in most cases but if its not working, you can ask your hosting provider for the Database Server Host Name.
  2. Database User Name and Working Password is required.
  3. Chose the Database you want to use for this installation.
  4. Select the correct Port and you are good to go.


Step 5.


  1. Name of your Website
  2. Domain Name for Permalinks and other URL redirections.
  3. Meta Title for SEO
  4. Correct time zone for Exam Setting.
  5. Name of your Organization.
  6. Email for admin notifications and password resets.
  7. Valid Purchase code.
  8. Optionally you can chose to install sample data to understand the system flow.


Done ! 

Important Note: After the installation for security reasons change the default admin password from admin /admin to something else.